Mahaffey Laboratory has been working towards the goal of completing a software tool that will serve as a complete tool for managing drinking water results. This software tool called PADWARE 2 will provide a quick and easy way to upload "Drinking Water" results to Pennsylvania Department Of Environmental Protection’s, (DEP’s) web site, DWELR. Below is a list of demo movies that show how PADWARE 2 handles the different reporting requirements of specific parameters or a group of parameters.

PADWARE 2 now has an excellent interface that allows you to pull all the already entered data from your laboratory LIMS into PADWARE 2 and then uploaded to PA-DEP website, DWELR.   PADWARE 2 will then fill out all the SDWA-1, SDWA-4, SDWA-S, etc. forms automatically.  What a GREAT time savings! 

This is a lead and copper analysis year for Drinking Water in Pennsylvania.  PADWARE 2 will fill out your SDWA-1 automatically and then calculate the 90th percent and fill out the SDWA-PbCu summary form.  WOW, this is such a help to us as a laboratory in accomplishing the Drinking Water electronic reporting!  I know that all of us as laboratories are always looking for the most efficient way to accomplish the drinking water electronic reporting and to keep our clients satisfied. 

I believe PADWARE 2 will accomplish these needs for your laboratory.  As you continue to use the software, you will find it to be a very helpful tool, yielding   organization in ways you never thought of. 

Please click on the link below of demo movie 1 and when Part 1 ends, please click on the link and watch “2. PW 2 Interface Summary Part 2.avi” to see a summary overview of the new interface on YouTube.  If you want to go to the PADWARE 2  Channel on YouTube so that you could launch all the demo movies from there, click on the “5.” link below. 

There will be more demo movies added to the list as soon as they are completed.  please click on the title below to view current demo videos for PADWARE 2.

 The Basics of PADWARE 2


 PADWARE 2 Interface Summary Part 1

PADWARE 2  Interface Summary Part 2


If you have any questions please contact me:

Carlton "Rich" McCracken, Jr.

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