Public Water Suppliers and Laboratories Having To Report “Drinking Water” Results to Pennsylvania DEP.

PADWARE 2 software is being used by more laboratories and public water suppliers,(PWS).  We are excited about the upcoming new version of PADWARE 2 which will allow for the exporting of your already entered data in your LIMS to be imported into PADWARE 2. This will save us additional time over what we are already saving by using the software.  Another important feature of the new version is that when a PWS who has PADWARE 2, will be able to list and save all their 3 digit location codes along with the 3 digit code descriptions and the 3 digit location code notes.  This will allow for PWSs to be able to create a “Sampling Plan” conveniently within PADWARE 2.  Then the PWS will be able to export all this 3 digit location information via e-mail to a laboratory that has PADWARE 2This will allow the laboratory to have access to the PWS’s 3 digit location information via “drop down” boxes in PADWARE 2 for uploading to DWELR.  What a great way to keep “current” with PWS clients and save the much confusion over the 3 digit location questions of “who, what, and where”.   

Mahaffey Laboratory has asked those laboratories and Public Water Suppliers, (PWSs) using the PADWARE 2 software, to give their thoughts concerning the benefits of using the software.  We are pleased that both laboratories and PWSs are finding PADWARE 2 to be very helpful and efficient in their electronic reporting of “Drinking Water” results.  Please review the following testimonials of both laboratories and PWSs and consider using PADWARE 2 for a free three month trial period.  I am sure you will find many other benefits in using the software in addition to those listed in the testimonials. A great benefit for laboratories is when there are “drinking water lead and copper” samples to analyze and report,  PADWARE 2 calculates the 90th percentile and automatically fills out the SDWA-PbCu Summary.  A great benefit for PWSs is that PADWARE 2 keeps track of all the system's 3 digit location numbers and what analyses were sampled at that particular location.  Additionally, if you are a small PWS and do not like computers and mandatory electronic reporting, Mahaffey Laboratory will do the electronic reporting for you.



 Here is what Public Water Suppliers have to say about Padware 2


Knowing that mandatory electronic reporting is coming, we saw our procedure of filling out forms “longhand” and mailing them would have to be changed sometime.  In using PADWARE 2 to upload to DWELR, I do not have to worry any more about mailing deadlines which were hard to calculate due to weekends and holidays.  It is great to see all your entered data being sent to Harrisburg with a click of the button, all forms in one upload.  I don’t have to be so concerned about getting all my reporting done by the 2nd and 3rd of the month which means a lot for busy schedules.


I like the way PADWARE 2  reports the “Daily Chlorine”, (SDWA-1).  I can go in every 10 days or so and enter the chlorine results.  This way at the end of the month I have just a few days in which to enter results.  In using the “Parameter View”, I can easily see what results have been entered and continue to enter new data.  I enjoy not having to fill in the same information over and over again which I was doing when filling out the forms by hand.  Also, since I have learned to use the “Recent” drop down box, I can recall our PWS data quickly without having to enter our PWS ID number.

Jeff Spaid, Pike Township Water Authority




I like how PADWARE 2 prints out the “SDWA” forms which saves me a lot of time from the previous way of filling out the forms manually and mailing them.


It is very important to be able to keep track of the PWS’s three digit sampling location numbers.  PADWARE 2 has three different fields to accept information concerning these sampling locations.  You can enter detailed and multiple descriptions of sampling events for a particular three digit location. Once you have your sample location information entered, a “System Profile” report can be printed off as one of the main parts of a sampling plan.


I also like that I can copy the PADWARE 2 export file to a flash drive and take it to another location which has a much faster Internet connection.  I can then upload the PADWARE 2 export file to DWELR. Then by the time I get back to the plant, I have an e-mail from DWELR confirming my successful upload of the PADWARE 2 date and time titled file.  

Pat Flanagan

Clearfield Municipal Authority



The Marion Center High School and Mahaffey Laboratory have established a very efficient way of electronically reporting the chlorine result analyzed by the school.  The school’s laboratory ID number is pulled from a drop down list in PADWARE 2 and is then uploaded to DWELR along with all the other PWS results.  John Stile of Marion Center High School explains that this procedure has simplified the past reporting procedure of faxing forms back to him for his review.  John says, ... “it works for me and keeps everybody happy.  With the fewer steps there are less chance of errors and when I am out of the office, other staff members do not have to watch for SDWA forms that are to be faxed.  It is just a lot easier.”


Here are what Laboratories are saying about using Padware 2


Liz Palmer of Microbac Laboratory of Camp Hill writes:

"I have been very impressed with the PADWARE 2 application. One of the best features is the ease of moving between SDWA form types. Once the client PWS information is entered in, the user can switch form types without filling out the information again. It is also easy to switch monitoring periods for a client without opening a new form, for example a client who needs both a quarterly and annual sample reported on a SDWA-1 form.

The SDWA reports that PADWARE 2 generates has been client-friendly also. Our clients appreciate receiving hard copies of the forms, and do not have to log into DWELR to make sure that the information was reported.

It is easy to see that much thought and planning has gone into creating PADWARE 2 to make it both user and client friendly.”


Sue Clay of Geochemical Testing of Somerset writes:

“After reporting on line, directly into DWELR for a few months, PADWARE 2 provides a much welcomed alternative. Data entry is smooth and quick, and upload into DWELR is a breeze. The printable SDWA forms (not an option in DWELR) are a huge plus for reporting results to clients and hard copy files. Past history is easy to view ( a must for those " did we do....? client questions). PADWARE 2 is definitely the way to go.”


 Lori Morris, Microbac Laboratories, Inc.; Pittsburgh Division

PADWARE2 has made my reporting DEP samples a breeze. The software is so user friendly that I was able to easily navigate my way around within minutes of installing it. It's the best of both worlds. It lets me give the client the hard copy SDWA form that they like, and enables me to electronically upload my data with the click of a button.

It's also saves me so much time. Once the PWSID information is entered, it is stored and you never have to enter it again. All information automatically comes up when you call up that PWSID. No more re-looking up entry point numbers or site location numbers. Also as an added bonus anyone who runs lead and copper will love the auto date filler and the automatic 90th percentile calculator. You do not have to re-type the same dates over and over again.

The running backlog of past history comes in handy also, it lets you easily look up anything that has been entered. So now if someone needs to know if we did that and when, you can tell them with the click of a button.





1. How has the PADWARE 2 software helped your laboratory in electronically reporting your drinking water results to DEP’s website DWELR? (List as many details as you feel needed)

Uploading one file saves time and eliminates multiple submissions. The total coliform and chlorine screen autofill helps save repetitive keystrokes and reduces typos that can occur when entering digits into an Excel spreadsheet.

Data appears on the screen if you have created forms for the parameter during the monitoring period. This feature can save confusion when our customer submits additional samples, and have already uploaded the routine sample.

 2. What enhancements do you like in the new version of PADWARE 2?

 The Review Data table feature allows me to review my submissions and compare them to my paperwork. The primary example of why this is necessary is I can whip through the certs and be certain both the total coliform and chlorine results are reported. I like being able to skim the data before uploading and make changes beforehand.

I appreciate the labeling of the file name with the date and time. This saves me a step or two later, and makes retracing data easier.

Lisa Lewandowski, Secretary, Microbac Laboratories, Inc.; Erie Division



PADWARE 2 has made reporting DEP samples much more convenient for our lab. We are a small lab so multitasking is a must for me. When I was entering data directly into DWELR, I was often interrupted and would be timed out of the system. With PADWARE 2 I can take a break and return without losing data or logging back in. Uploading the data is quick and simple. The historic data feature makes it very easy to find past reports. All in all PADWARE 2 has been a great investment for our laboratory.

Suzann Shaeffer, Franklin Analytical


Even though Mahaffey Laboratory is part of the development team for PADWARE 2, we have found PADWARE 2 to be a great tool to help us report and organize our drinking water results.  We also find it assuring to see both the Public Water Supplier (PWS) number and PWS name appearing side by side, thus making sure the results are being entered for the correct PWS.  Confidence can also be gained in seeing the contaminate ID number appearing along side the contaminate name.  The software gives you the freedom to assign default methods for each parameter.  One can easily add new parameters, new methods, new method groups, or new PWS systems.  We believe in the saying, “try it, you will like it.”   That is why we are offering you a free three month trial period to evaluate PADWARE 2 to see how it can save you time, effort, and frustration.



After your review of these testimonials, if you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to discuss, please contact me.  We understand that “mandatory electronic reporting” is progressing through the final stages and will be in effect in the near future.  Please consider using PADWARE 2 to meet the need of mandatory electronic reporting”.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Carlton "Rich" McCracken, Jr.

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